London, 25 May 2018 – CoreMatrix, an innovative financial services platform provider for future-oriented businesses, announced today that it had selected Blockpass’ comprehensive identity platform to manage user identification and verification on its platform.


Blockpass provides an interoperable identity system that supports the verification of humans (KYC), and in the future objects (KYO) and connected devices (KYD). CoreMatrix will integrate Blockpass to its platform solutions to process safe, fast and convenient digital transactions, which allows businesses in regulated industries to develop simple, handy and customer oriented financial services according to the market’s needs.  At the same time, it enables end users to keep full control of their personal data through all of the processes. The two companies will consolidate their collaboration by CoreMatrix becoming the very first distributor for Blockpass’ initial Token Distribution Event on 31st May 2018.


With rapid digitalisation and technology development that the world is facing today, interconnectivity and automated processes increase enormously. Therefore, security, privacy and identity are pending issues that countries and industries strive to address adequately. To provide an interoperable identity system suitable for the connected world, Blockpass offers shared regulatory compliance services which enable development of new applications that rely on a trusted connection between multiple entities.


“By making digital payments simple, secure and fast, we create easy to use, on the go financial services designed to meet specific needs of an individual company and its customers. At the same time, we support the idea that the user is entitled to have access to his personal data and should be able to exercise full control over it at any time. Blockpass provided a solution that enables us to secure a high level of one to one customer identity verification, which is fundamental in financial and banking services,” said Sergij Foski, CoreMatrix CEO.


“It is great to partner with CoreMatrix as our first distributor of PASS tokens for the beginning of the PASS token sale starting 31st May 2018. All Blockpass identity application users will be able to seamlessly scan the QR code on the CoreMatrix website, send their KYC and purchase PASS tokens in only few seconds. Welcome to the new era of data protection and compliance for token sales,” stated Adam Vaziri, Blockpass CEO.


Using Blockpass’ solution, CoreMatrix will enable blockchain based portable identification for each user, that already takes into account country-specific legal framework for identity verification. Thus the identity of humans, companies, objects and connected devices is validated, reducing the cost and time of on-boarding new customers. At the same time, the blockchain enabled portable identity offered through Blockpass empowers users with control of their data, permitting them to decide who, when and for what purpose to share it with.


From the start of Blockpass’ token distribution, CoreMatrix will enable official purchase of Blockpass’ PASS token as well. The PASS token functions as a discount voucher on the Blockpass platform, enabling merchants such as token issuers (ICOs), banks and exchanges to pay for KYC verifications of clients at a discount. That greatly decreases overhead for regulated service providers. The sale is to start on 31st May 2018 during initial Token Distribution Event.


CoreMatrix is an innovative financial services platform provider. Built from the ground up to provide an excellent user experience. We simplify payments, money transfers and mobile commerce. By providing frictionless, global and smart solutions, we bust growth and competitiveness of innovative businesses around the world.


Blockpass is a blockchain based self-sovereign identity protocol for the connected world. Through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, it offers a shared regulatory and compliance services for humans, companies. Blockpass aims to become global realization of identity for the Internet of Everything.